PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle 1 March 2023

PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle 1 March 2023

File format: max, obj, fbx, PBR textures | 158 files


1951 Red Olympia SM1 Typewriter
Airbus Helicopter H160 2022
Alien Plant 01
AnimeGirl1 cartoon woman in bikini Low-poly
AnimeGirl2 girl in bikini
AnimeGirl3 woman in orange bikini
AnimeGirl4 woman in bikini Low-poly
AnimeGirl5 woman in bikini on screen Low-poly
Antique Desk With Miscellaneous
ARC VECTOR motorcycle
ASLAV-25 Australian Light Armoured Vehicle LAV-25
AT4 CS Anti Tank Rocket Launcher
Baby Carriage
Barn3 wooden building with roof
Battle scythe
Bayraktar TB2
Bench grinder
BERG Rally Pearl pedal go-kart
Blow torch
BMW X5M Competition 2023
Boots military boot
British Mark 1 Tank WW1
Budha Bronze statue
Bunny Girl
Bus LiAZ-677
Bus PAZ – 672
Cadillac meteor miller – ecto1
Cyber Racer Girl
CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol
Death knight
Deep Space Freighter Aurora
Diesel Generator
Droid V4
Drone ZALA 421-16E
Drum Kit Low-poly
DS3 2023
Egyptian Cat Statue
F1 McLaren 1993 MP4-8 Senna
Fascino Scooter
Female Guard Armor
FG 42 paratrooper rifle
Fire Truck Fire Engine
Flak 88 mm anti air craft and anti Tank with ammo
Flintlock Pistol
Flying Kick Woman Base mesh
Focke Wulf Fw 190 Plane
Ford Torino Havoc
Garden set, wooden bench with plants
General Dynamics Griffin3 105mm Gun
General Dynamics Griffin3 50mm Gun
German Uniform Camo – WW2 Scanned Asset Pack Low-poly
Glock 19 Gen 4 with Attachments
GP100 Revolver
Grand Dinghy Boat
Gravity Generator
Grenade launcher GP-34 with VOG-25M Koster
Grumman F4F Wildcat
Gutling Gun Colt 1883
Harley Davidson (F) 1946
Heavy Duty Mech
Honda CR-V 2023
Indian Girl
Industrial Air Conditioner
Iron Knight Low-poly
Kettle Low-poly
Knight of the shield
Lamborghini Aventador Sport
Lincoln Town Car 1989
LiXiang L9 2024
Lorica musculata
M870 Shotgun Low-poly
Maserati Gran Turismo Trofeo 2023
Mech support
Medusa the Witch
Mercedes Benz SLS
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Panel Van L2H2 2019
Mercedes-Benz CLE Coupe
Mercedes-Benz CLS-class (W218) 2014
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate 2023
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
Military Barricade tent sandbag Barbwire Barricade
Mimic chest
Modern Axe 05
Modular Pipes Low-poly
Monoshooter dirt bike
MP 40 submachine gun
NASA Endeavour Space Shuttle with Space Tank and Falcon Rocket
Old Pencil Sharpener
OTs-14 Groza Russian assault rifle-grenade launcher system
Pedal Car
Pipes modular industrial
Portable Console
Ppsh 41 submachine gun
Prop Art – Vending Machine
R-360 Neptune cruise missile
Record player
Renault Clio 2024
Renault Rafale
Retro Old TV
Retro Robot
Retro rotary phone
Retro vacuum cleaner
Revolver 357 Magnum
Robot Flyer
Robot girl
Robotic Arm Low-poly
Roman helmet
SAI BLU Pistol
Sailing Boat Bavaria Cruiser 37
Sci fi weapon game ready
Sci-fi colt
Sci-Fi Light Gunship G9
Scifi loot supplies crate
Scifi Spaceship
Setra S6
Sherman Firefly
SiExpression3 Audio Mixer
Sofa 6 leather couch and two chairs
Sofa gold
Space Fighter MK 1
Space trooper
ST Kinetics BR18 Assault Rifle
Star Wars – X-34 Landspeeder
Steampunk guitar
Sten Mark V UK submachine gun
StG 44 German machine gun
Stugna-P ATGM
Stylized Girl
Stylized XenoMech
StylizedWoman1 woman wearing jeans and shirt
StylizedWoman2 sims character Low-poly
Submarine anti-aircraft gun USS Pampanito-SS-383
Tactical Vest with T-shirt
Tesla Model 3 2024
The bust of Nefertiti
Tiger 3A
Toyota Crown 2023
Toyota Tacoma 2024
Trabant 601 Kombi 1965
Trigun alter version
Vacuum Cleaner SAMSUNG SC20M251AWB
Vespa scooter
Video Cassette Player Sharp VC-M11
Volcanic Repeating Pistol
Volkswagen Golf 7.5R 2018
VSS Vintorez special sniper rifle
VW Style Beetle Old Rusty WW2 Wrecked Car
Winchester XPR Varmint
WW2 English Military Uniform Officer
ZIS-3 Game Ready cannon
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