3D-Print Models Bundle 1 May 2024

3D-Print Models Bundle 1 May 2024

Hi Quality printable 3d-meshes collection.

File type: STL | 252 files | 147 GB.


3D Mind – Harley Bust
3DXM – Robin Animated
3DXM – The Thing Bust
3DXM – The Thing
90’s Classic Nightwing for Nice X Customs
Airbond Male Rogue 1
Airbond Male Rogue 2
Airbond Male Rogue 3
Anexeo’s Forge – Teafan
Anexeo’s Forge – Wonder Woman
Aphrodite and Anne-Marie and Anne and Amata
April O’Neil NSFW
April O’Neil
Arakoa Male Monk
Arcane Minis – Monster Maddness 1
Aren Gracht
Athena and Artemis and Aradia
B3DSERK – Bleez Bust
B3DSERK – Darkness Bust
B3DSERK – Penguin Bust
B3DSERK – Penguin Portrait Bust
B3DSERK – The Darkness Portrait Bust
B3DSERK – The Darkness Sculpture
Badland Orcs – Boars
Badland Orcs – Halforc Huntress
Badland Orcs – Lord
Balerina Feet Artwork PenHolder Print ready
Batman Dark Steel Helmet
Bee Figures – Sung Jin-Woo – Solo Leveling
Beerus Sama Bust
Black Owl Customs – Red Death
Black Towe Collectibles – Tora Bardock Squad
Black Tower Collectibles – Bardok
Black Tower Collectibles – Super Vegeta
Bokoblin and Chibi Bokoblin
Boss Bokoblin and Chibi Boss Bokoblin
Brooklyn Chibi
Buu S
Ca 3d Studios – Toothless Hiccup
Cable and Thanos and Thanos – With Gauntlet
Captain Smollett
Cara Delavingne Likeness
Cave Troll – Iron Studios
Chica and Chibi Chica
Christmas Dangerous Girls
Classic 1984 Style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ronin
Classic 1984 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Cthulhid Bust
Cultist Book Holder
CW Studio – Shinobu Koucho
Daredevil by Edson Carvalho
Dark elf Hunters
Dark Elf Kraken Tamer Miniature
Deadpool Popcorn Bucket
Demon Hunters Heavy Armor Squad
Demon Hunters Standard Bearer
Demon pumpkin
Dhalsim and Scarlet Witch and Brooklyn – Full Miniature
Diorama Ninja Turtles
Doctor Von Zeiter
Donatelo TMNT
Eagle bust
Earth snake
Elf princess
Ent warrior
Fan art – Paul Muad Dib Atreides from Dune Statue
Fandom Collectibles – Lillia
Flame Lizards Destroyers Squad
Flame Lizards Dragon Riders Squad
Flame Lizards Flying Dragons Squad
Flame Lizards Hover Speeder
Flame Lizards Infernal Blassters
Flameskull demon bust
Freddy and Chibi Freddy
Futurama miniature ship planet express
Galica and Gaia and Cassandra and Calista and Ava
Gambody – Iron Man & Suit-Up Gantry
Gambody – Kid Jiren Dragonball Super
Garuda Breaker of Chains
Gogeta and Busto
Green Goblin and Black Cat and Doctor Octopus
Green latern collectible
Gsculpt Art – Nibai
Gunther Rivoha
Gustavo v2
Guttershade Vindicator
Guttershade Wardrummer
Hastur Bust
Hellboy hand of doom
Helmund the fat
Hex3D – IKEA Pyramid Brick
Hex3D – Vault Boy
Hugo Braav
Human Male Barbarian A
Human Male Barbarian B
Human Male Barbarian C
Hybris Studios – Bellona
Innsmouth Investigators – Dagon
Innsmouth Investigators – Deep Ones
Innsmouth Investigators – H. P. Lovecraft
Innsmouth Investigators – Hybrids
Innsmouth Investigators – Investigators
Innsmouth Investigators – Mother Hydra
Innsmouth Investigators – Tentacles
Intellect eater
Jester Enforcer of the Smiling Lamb
Jester Harbringer of the Smiling Lamb
Jester Harlequin of the Smiling Lamb
Kingping miniature stylized
Klara Nacht
Kuton Figurines – Dejah Thoris
L.A. Figures – Orko
Lady Death
Legion Miniatures – Pack 33M February 2024
Leonardo TMNT
Lilith and Kvistatil and Kendra and Iris and Hera
LionRealm Studio – Inosuke – Demon Slayer
LionRealm Studio – Sung Jinwoo
Lord of the bats
Lord of the Print – Northern Orcs April 2024
Lovecraft Bookend
Lowborn Levies Bowman
Lowborn Levies
Lucas Perez – Bulma
Lucas Perez – Gotenks
Lucas Perez – Jeice
Lucas Perez – Pterodactyl
Lucas Perez – Regular Freezer Third Form
Madelyne Pryor
Magma Dragon Bust
Maidmarine Builder
Mariko Noguchi NSFW
Mashle – Mash Burnedead
Medieval Town Set 3 KS
Meowscarada from Pokemon Phone Holder
Michellangelo TMNT
Mimic chest box
Minerus Construct and Chibi Mineru
Mini Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
MocDan Collectibles – Aquaman DC
MocDan Collectibles – Lobo DC
Modern Secondborn Monk Hero
Momoji – Magia
Momoji – Meru
Mother’s Love for the Child
My Animate – Trafalgar Law
Neftea – Asuka
Neko Figurines – Stark
Nomnom Figures – Aang from Avatar
Nomnom Figures – Chibi Bond
Nomnom Figures – Motoko Kusanagi
Old City Watch Rookie Bowman
Old City Watch Sergeant
Olivia and Nimiel and Mirabel and Maeve and Maedril
Oogie boogie nigthmare before chritmas jack skellington
Orc Male Monk A
Orc Male Monk B
Orc Male Monk C
Passionate Assassin
Pikitty – Shiroko Terror – Blue Archive
Pokemon Lapras Pokeball
Prey Collection Studio – Blacksad
Print Your Monsters – Cthulhu
Proptosis Man (Glut)
Raphael TMNT
Raven head
Realm of Paths – Dwarf Support Staff
Red Sonja Bust
Red Wizard A
Red Wizard B
Red Wizard C
Retro Ladies 1
Return Of The Living Dead
Ronin Arts Workshop – M38 April 2024
Satyr Male Bard A
Satyr Male Bard B
Satyr Male Bard C
Scan – Neurolictor and Mek
Scarlet Witch (Mike)
Scorpion and Kingpin and Balrog
Seized Construct and Chibi Seized Construct
Sengoku Lord Draken Helmet
Serie – Frieren beyond journeys
Seven of Nine NSFW
Slithis the Enchantress
Spider Tiera 15
Stelia and Violette and Yaocci and Sophie and Sif
Stepanov Sculpts – Elvira
Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo
Superman and Punisher and Batman
T-45 Fallout Helmet
Talon Three Weapons in One
Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle
Ten Shin Han
Texelion – Samus Surf Girl
Texelion – Veronika Bustholder
The Crawling Polype
The Elder Thing
The Jottün Moder
The Riddler and Skeletor and Sektor
The Turned Cultist
The Watcher
The Yellow King
Tiefling Female Monk A
Tiefling Female Monk B
Tiefling Female Monk C
Tiefling Warlock
TMNT Action Figures
TMNT Baby Leo
TMNT Leonardo 1988 Articulated
TMNT – Donatello
TMNT – Leonardo
TMNT – Michelangelo
TMNT – Raphael
Torchlight Models – Torchlight Shrooms Of Doom
Torchlight Models – Torchlight The Sewer Guard
Torrida Minis – Lady of the lake
Undead Vultures
Vengeancestudios – Hellboy
Vladimir Tytanow
Vossar Sallix The World Seer
Walter White aka Heisenberg
Warrior dwarf
Widow Demon Slayer
Widows Great Exoskeleton Squad
Wild West Bandit Shooting
Yeoman Outriders
Zahen Studio – Caulifla
ZEZ Studio – Invincible Bust
ZEZ Studios – Scorpion Bust
Сthulhu totem
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