Unity Mobile Game - Master Word Games Mechanics!

Unity Mobile Game - Master Word Games Mechanics!

Learn, Create, Prototype a cool Word Mobile Game from scratch!

What you'll learn
Make a Sweet Word Game
How to setup your project for mobile
Automate Word Search
Create a Logic for your Game

A Computer with an internet connexion
Some basic Unity knowledge is appreciated but not compulsory
The will to understand and finish your game

Wordle took the world by storm, in less than 3 months, people started to talk about it everywhere. Youtube, The news, and especially, the app stores.

The game has made more than $3 million dollars, and has been downloaded more than 19 million times. Amazing !

I had to make a course on this game, so let’s explore behind the scenes of this game, and see how it could’ve been made.

In this course, You will learn how to

Create a Keyboard Input

Add the Word Containers to display the word entered by the player

Manage the Player Input

Checking the word entered with some simple algorithms

Smash Bugs !

Colorize the Letters

Colorize the keyboard

Set the Secret Word From a Large Dictionnary

Add a Keyboard Hint System

And a Letter Hint System

And More ![ Including a Shader Graph mini Lesson ]

This is just a small sneak peek of the content of this course !
Plus, if you have already taken my previous course, this one will be a breeze !

For the new ones of you, everything is explained step by step for you to understand.

If you want to make a word game, this course is for you ! We’ll explore all of these points step by step so that you don’t miss anything.

The course if full of checkpoint packages that you can download, and if it’s not enough, I’ll be here to help you understand each and every step of this course =D

So don’t wait anymore, Enroll Now !

Who this course is for
Humans eager to learn how to make their own mobile game from scratch
Humans eager to create something they can share with their family and friends
Humans eager to make Game Dev a Full Time Job
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