Unity Game Development: Endless Running Game

Unity Game Development: Endless Running Game

Udemy - Unity Game Development: Endless Running Game.

Creating full game in unity.

What you'll learn
Learn how to make full mobile game in Unity.
Make Game User Interface
Impalement characters and animations.
Implement Audio in the game.
Implement swipe control for mobile devices.

Basic understanding of C#.
Creating an awesome game in Unity is never been easier than these days will all the features that Unity provides for the community. You might have a lot of game ideas with you and you wish to implement them in real life instead of having them in your mind only. This course you will learn step by step how to create an Endless Runner Game with Unity from start to finish.

This course is divided to sections in each one of these sections you will learn new things to be able in the end of the course to build a full game in Unity. The first section is introduction to the course and installing Unity Application to your computer then make the initial design of the game in photoshop. The second section we start to work with the game environment, adding the player, adding the enemy and coins. Then we created a spawner which spawn enemies and coins each second. Then we work with game collision system to make player die if hit an enemy or collect points if hit one of the coins and we store these coins or scores in a data container.

In section three we created the game UI for the main level, the main menu and the game shop. We make the UI scale with screen size and make it look good in different screens. The in section four we added audio to the game. We added background audio and another audio when collecting coins. Then in section five we added characters to the game from one of the free online tools for characters and animation “Mixamo”. We implemented the animation in our game and we add new coin shape to our coins. The last section we create swipe control for our game so we can play in in the mobile phone. Finally we build the game and run it into an android phone and test it.

I hope you enjoy the course and feel free to ask and write your questions under each section.

Who this course is for
Beginners to Unity and C#.
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