Unreal Engine Octahedral Impostors and How to make LODs

Unreal Engine Octahedral Impostors and How to make LODs

Udemy - Unreal Engine Octahedral Impostors and How to make LODs.

Optimize assets in UE4 to generate LODs and create great LODs! Increase FPS of Unreal Engine with impostors LOD

What you'll learn
How to create better LODs in UE4
How to create Octahedron Impostors for Unreal Engine
Optimize assets to gain more FPS in Unreal
Step by step guide about how to create LODs for your assets in Unreal Engine
Good habits and practices for creating and finishing a LOD with Impostor

In this course, I will teach you how to optimize your StaticMesh from LOD0 to your last LOD in UNREAL ENGINE and stay as close to the original as possible without any strange transition. In the end I will show you how to generate Octahedral Impostors in UE4 and put in your last LOD, optimizing your assets as much as possible and gaining a lot of FPS performance in your Unreal Engine game.

The ImpostorBaker plugin created by Ryan Brucks will be used in a version of mine modified to accept Unreal Engine 4.22, 4.23, 4.24, 4.25+. An exclusive version is present in this course along with a new map to create our Impostors more easily and accurately.

We will practice to the maximum the creation of our Octahedral Impostors and show some important configurations and tips to make it as equal as possible.

The course is divided into several sections

We will create the impostors for various assets of the Kite Demo, Brushify, Michael Gerard assets course, Koolala Snow Scene, Modular Cliff.

We will learn how to optimize LODs by creating from scratch, using only the tools of the Unreal Engine, tips on how to facilitate our work by reusing LODs settings for other assets, and comparing our lod with the old lod.

We will create our final impostor after several training sessions, and we will create it after creating our LODs and using our last lod to have a smooth transition between all the LODs from the densest mesh to the impostor.

Who this course is for
Unreal Engine users, Game Developers, Students
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