Unity Zombie Tower Defence Game

Unity Zombie Tower Defence Game

Udemy - Unity Zombie Tower Defence Game - Professional game design.

What you'll learn
Create a zombie tower defence game
Add the ability to switch between first person and overhead modes
Create swarms of zombies who interact with placed objects
Setup multiple weapons and different damage patterns
Create code for a snapping placement system in real time
Complete a Unity game from beginning to end
Master your knowledge of C# scripting to an intermediate level

A basic understanding of Unity C# will help you complete this course
A computer capable of running Unity 2021

Tower defence games are continuing to gain in popularity online. In this course I am going to show you how to create your own zombie tower defence game.

When I was creating this course I was initially thinking, should it be an overhead tower defence style game, or should it be a first person shooter style game. Well, when you have two great ideas, why not combine them. So this is a Hybrid of both overhead point and click as well as first person shooter.

The techniques covered in this course can be used to make any type of defence style games. Think of this as a template that you can use again and again and you can customise the game any way you like to realise your vision.

So what is covered in the course

We develop a system for placing props into the level, with the ability to change items using an easy to create User Interface

Items can be placed freehand, or by pressing the spacebar, can be made to snap together either horizontally or vertically

Each item will have different purposes. Some will simply block the zombies, some will damage the zombies, some will blow them up, and in the case of the gun turrets, these will target and shoot the zombies

Once you have laid out your items the zombies will then begin spawning into the scene and you will enter into first person mode

You can change between overhead and first person modes to quickly navigate the map

We will setup a range of weapon types, ammo amounts and damage styles for each weapon, including sniper scope for the sniper rifle

You will have access to six zombies that I created for this course. You can use them in any of your other games too

The objective is to defend the tower. You must kill all the zombies on each level to unlock the next level

This course can be taken by anyone using the free Unity game engine. A basic understanding of C# code is suggested for you to make the most of this course. By the end of the course you will have another completed game in your portfolio. You will have developed your skills to an intermediate level and be ready to make your own Unity games.

So why not enroll today, and I look forward to seeing you in my course.

Thanks to the artists from Sketchfab for their 3D models used in this course

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to learn how to make great games in Unity
Learners wanting to develop their C# coding skills upto an intermediate level
Designers looking for a great tower defence game template
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