Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game - Intermediate C# Coding

Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game - Intermediate C# Coding

Udemy - Unity Turn-Based Strategy Game - Intermediate C# Coding.

Learn to create turn-based gameplay with multiple Units, along with grid-based movement and logic!

What you'll learn
Take your Skills from Beginner to Advanced.
Learn to manage and organize a complex project.
Advanced Programming concepts, such as; C# generics, C# events, and custom structs.
Create a custom Grid System.
Learn A* Pathfinding.
Create Actions while writing good high quality code.
Familiar with the Unity editor
Basic to intermediate knowledge of C#
If you've taken any of our Complete Unity 2D or 3D courses you'll be good to go!
Are you looking to level up your game development skills and take your projects to the next level?Do you like games like XCOM2 or Final Fantasy Tactics?In this course, you’ll take your skills from beginner to advanced, learn to manage and organise a complex project. You’ll create a custom Grid System and learn advanced Programming concepts, such as; C# generics, C# events, and custom structs. Plus A* Pathfinding!Even if you’re not interested in turn-based strategy games, these skills are transferable to other types of games.You’ll create turn-based gameplay with multiple Units, along with grid-based movement and logic. You’ll also add enemy AI and with all the actions you create, you’ll be writing good high quality code.Writing reusable and easily extendable codeLearn to organise a complex projectSeparate gameplay logic from animation and visual componentsLearn to write clean code, how to keep all systems decoupledYou’ll need to be familiar with the Unity editor, and have a basic to intermediate knowledge of C#. If you’ve taken any of our Unity courses (or the equivalent) you’ll be good to go.You’ll get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced coders, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way. We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Code Monkey to bring you this course.All students have access to the Q&A forums where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success. Ready to create your own Turn-Based Strategy game? Come join the course now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Promo

Lecture 0 Welcome To The Course

Lecture 0 Community & Support

Lecture 0 Links & Resources

Lecture 0 Set Up Unity & VS Code

Lecture 0 IntelliSense Issues?

Lecture 0 Reminder Of C# Fundamentals

Lecture 0 Accessing Our Projects

Lecture 0 Project Setup

Lecture 0 Render Pipeline and Assets

Lecture 0 Post Processing

Section 2: Unit Movement & Selection

Lecture 2 Intro - Unit Movement and Selection

Lecture 3 Unit Base Setup

Lecture 4 Unit Move

Lecture 5 Mouse Raycast

Lecture 6 Mouse World Position

Lecture 7 Unit Click to Move

Lecture 8 Public vs SerializeField Private

Lecture 9 Unit Animations Setup

Lecture 0 Unit Animator

Lecture 10 Unit Animator Parameters

Lecture 0 Unit Rotate when Moving

Lecture 11 Unit Selection

Lecture 12 Unit Selected Visual, Events

Lecture 13 Unit Selected Visual, Singleton

Section 3: Grid System & Camera

Lecture 14 Intro - Grid System and Camera

Lecture 15 Grid System Design

Lecture 16 Grid System

Lecture 17 Grid Object

Lecture 18 Grid Object Debug

Lecture 19 Level Grid

Lecture 20 Cinemachine

Lecture 21 Camera Move and Rotate

Lecture 0 Camera Zoom

Lecture 0 Intro - Actions and UI

Lecture 0 Move Action

Lecture 0 Move Action Validate

Lecture 0 Grid Visual

Lecture 0 Base Action Class

Lecture 0 Single Active Action

Lecture 0 UI Setup

Lecture 0 Unit Action System UI

Lecture 0 Click UI to Select Action

Lecture 0 Generic Take Action

Lecture 0 Selected Action UI Visual

Lecture 0 Action Busy UI

Lecture 0 Action Points

Lecture 0 Turn System

Lecture 0 Intro - Enemies and Combat

Lecture 0 Enemy

Lecture 0 Shoot Action

Lecture 0 Unit Animator

Lecture 0 Shooting Bullet Visual

Lecture 0 Health System

Lecture 0 Ragdoll

Lecture 0 Unit World UI

Lecture 0 Action Camera

Lecture 0 Grid Visual Colors

Lecture 0 Enemy AI Basic

Lecture 0 Enemy AI Complex

Lecture 0 Intro - Pathfinding

Lecture 0 C# Generics

Lecture 0 Grid System Generics

Lecture 0 Pathfinding Overview

Lecture 0 Pathfinding Script

Lecture 0 Pathfinding Implementation

Lecture 0 Pathfinding Obstacles

Lecture 0 Level Design

Lecture 0 Unit Move with Pathfinding

Lecture 0 Intro - Polish

Lecture 0 Screen Shake

Lecture 0 Grenade Action

Lecture 0 Grenade Visuals

Lecture 0 Destructible Crate

Lecture 0 Destructible Crate Parts

Lecture 0 Sword Action

Lecture 0 Interact Action

Lecture 0 Interface IInteractable

Lecture 0 Input Refactoring

Lecture 0 Input System

Lecture 0 Final Level

Lecture 0 Congratulations! What’s Next?

If you're looking to take your skills from Beginner to Advanced,If you want to improve your coding skills and take your projects to the next level,If you want to create a turn based strategy game :)
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