Zombie Escape: A Point & Click 3D Game using Unity's NavMesh

Zombie Escape: A Point & Click 3D Game using Unity's NavMesh

Udemy – Zombie Escape: A Point & Click 3D Game using Unity's NavMesh.

Design a full game using Unity's built-in A* pathfinding solution with C# code for controlling Enemy AI Combat & Patrol

What you'll learn
Use Unity's NavMesh system for Player & Enemy Pathfinding
Randomly generate game levels and bake the NavMesh at runtime
Create a simple Finite State Machine in C# for organizing Enemy's AI
Design an entire game from start to finish
Health and Combat Systems, Keys and Doors, Breadcrumbs and much more!

Students should have some previous experience working in Unity and C#
I will explain most C# coding stuff as I go through the course
I will explain how to use Blender to Export models and Import into Unity
No 3D modeling skills are required to take this course (all 3D assets included free with the course)

This course is intended to help beginner to intermediate level game developers become more comfortable using Unity's NavMesh system.

Point & Click Player Movement that utilizes Unity's NavMesh Agent with automated animations based on velocity.

We'll write a simple Finite State Machine using C# that keeps track of enemy behaviors such as Patrol, Idle, Chase, Attack and Standby.

We'll write a simple geomorphic-style procedural generator and then at runtime, once a new level has been created, we'll bake Unity's NavMesh Surface, allowing agents to take advantage of A* Pathfinding in a newly generated environment.

Learn how to properly configure NavMesh Agents to prevent them from getting stuck or walking through solid objects.

Learn how to use NavMesh Obstacles, Modifiers, Areas, Agent Types and more!

Write code to instruct enemies to flock around a player while waiting for their turn to attack (rather than having all enemies attacking mindlessly at once)

Randomly place enemy Spawn Nests throughout your generated levels with simple rules, such as the distance from player required to activate the spawner, maximum number of enemies to spawn, type of enemies to spawn, hits required to destroy a nest and the reward for eliminating one.

We'll use ScriptableObjects to help organize the game's resources for optimizing memory usage.

We'll write a Singleton script that will stay in memory at all times, allowing us to keep track of health, inventory, upgrades and so on while the game advances levels and changes scenes.

We'll follow all of that up by creating Health & Combat systems and making the game fully playable by the end of the course.

Who this course is for
Beginner to Intermediate Unity C# game developers who want to create a fully playable game while learning
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