Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Material

Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Material

Udemy – Unreal Engine 5: One Course Solution For Material

A course that takes you through material graph in Unreal step by step, node by node

What you'll learn
Use different nodes to create complicated materials
Understand what's behind the hood for different nodes
Create a master material that can be used in any project
Create a complete scene from scratch
Create an auto landscape material

No prior knowledge about materials needed, everything will be done from scratch
Have a computer that can run Unreal Engine 5

Learn everything you need to know for creating and unstanding what's going on in materials for Unreal Engine 5.

We will first learn the most basic stuff for creating materials in the first section, such as data types, lerp, UV to get you right on track for materials.

After the first section, with everything we learned, we'll dive deeper into materials to create our first master material. Understanding how a master material works is essential for working inside of Unreal Engine. And we do it completely from scratch. We'll also be going over usage of different maps like base color, normal, roughness and etc.

In the third section, we'll start creat a scene using vertex painting from scratch. You'll learn the entire proceess from planning to rendering. After this section, you should be able to create any scene that you want.

In the final section, we'll be creating an auto landscape material right from scratch. In this section, not only will you apply all the things you learned previously, but you'll also learn how to create different masks for blending materials, auto foliage, runtime virtual texture, tiling break up techniques and all the other cool stuff.

After this course, you should able to read most of the complicated graphs and follow any tutorials about materials you like.

Who this course is for
Beginners who want to understand material graphs
Learners who want to create amazing materials from scratch
Learners who want to know how to create a scene from scratch
Learners who want to create a landscape from scratch
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