The Ultimate Unity Games & Python Artificial Intelligence

The Ultimate Unity Games & Python Artificial Intelligence

Title: Udemy - The Ultimate Unity Games & Python Artificial Intelligence

Includes FREE webinar! Learn C# using Unity 2017. Learn Python coding, TensorFlow logistic regression and make an app!

What you'll learn
Build a 2D Double Dragoon sidescroller Beat Em Up game in Unity®
Learn the fundamentals of game design
Code in C#
Create game art in Photoshop
Add sound effects to the game
Code in Python, a popular coding language used for websites like YouTube and Instagram
Learn TensorFlow
Build models of linear regression
Make an app with Python that uses data to predict the stock market
Unity® 2017.2.0f3
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 or a free alternative
PyCharm Community Edition 2017.2.3
This course was recorded on a Mac, but you can use a PC
Build a fully functional Double Dragoon Beat Em Up game. Learn hands-on Python coding, TensorFlow logistic regression, regression analysis, machine learning and data science!

This course was funded by a #1 project on Kickstarter
In Part 1 - Glauco Pires from Mammoth Interactive will teach you how to build a game in Unity®. Learn to code, make art and add sound to build a full 2D Double Dragoon game in Unity® 2017. You will learn the fundamentals of designing, coding, and fine-tuning a game.
You will design the game and its functionality in Unity® and learn how to code in C#. Don't worry if you've never coded before! We will start simple and add more to the game as the course goes on. We will interweave theory with practical examples so that you'll learn by doing.
In addition - Kevin Liao will teach you everything you need to know about Photoshop to make game art.
But wait! There's more
Do you want to predict the stock market using artificial intelligence? In Part 2, you will learn how to code in Python, calculate linear regression with TensorFlow and make a stock market prediction app.
Included in this course is material for beginners to get comfortable with the interfaces. Please note that we reuse this content in similar courses because it is introductory material. You can find some material in this course in the following related courses
Learn to Code in C# by Making a Multiplayer Unity® Game The Complete Unity and Artificial Intelligence MasterclassMake an Artificial Intelligence Stock Market Prediction App Bonus
Also included is the webinar How To Master Anything by Mammoth Interactive founder John Bura. Being able to master a skill quickly is an essential in modern industries because the world changes so rapidly.

In this webinar, you will learn what you need to become a professional in your field. John will tell you the secrets on how to get good at anything fast.
Learn what you can do to make yourself stand out in your career!
An easily understood course, with detailed instruction and good explanation of the concepts involved in making this clone game. A very well done tutorial, especially fro someone like me is just now learning how to write code.
I really like the approach the presenter takes – not just the technical details, but also the very human, personal development information and recommendations he provides.
The instructor is very good at teaching. He teaches at a great pace and covers anything a beginner would need to understand (every little detail). I am already learning a lot and I just started yesterday.Enroll now to join the Mammoth community
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