The Complete 2020 Unreal Masterclass: Build 2D And 3D Games

The Complete 2020 Unreal Masterclass: Build 2D And 3D Games

Title: Udemy – The Complete 2020 Unreal Masterclass: Build 2D And 3D Games

Learn video game development and how to build impressive games from scratch with the Unreal Engine

What you'll learn
Build classic 2D and 3D platformer games in Unreal engine 4
Create multiple small games of different genres
Develop games from scratch

The (free) Unreal Engine 4. We will walk you through the simple installation and setup process.
A computer with an Internet connection. This course is suitable for Mac or PC.

This project is the world's biggest on-demand tutorial series designed to teach ANYONE how to code and build impressive games with the Unreal Engine.Benefits of Learning UnrealPopular - Unreal is a free game development engine used by developers all the way from beginner indie developers to AAA studios. The community is large and available for help.Powerful - Unreal is a powerful engine, with a huge library of image assets available for you to use as much as humanly possible, saving hours of development time.High Definition - Unreal is one of the main engines to use because it is so good at making good looking and high quality games. Unreal has high fidelity, meaning you can zoom in and still have high quality images.Coding Optional - The best part about Unreal is their blueprint system, letting you build games without coding. We have been using Unreal technologies since UDK and are delighted to see that the blueprint system is incredibly robust and resource-efficient.Resource-Efficient - You can minimize loss of performance by a large amount simply by using Blueprints.Other Industries - Unreal is for more than just game development. You can get hired in filmmaking, architectural design and product visualization, to name a few.For instance, Mcclaren Automotive uses Unreal to let users visualize their own unique luxury car before building it. Unreal Engine has even been used to build Star Wars-themed areas in Disney World and Disneyland.The Weather Channel used mixed reality to visualize Hurricane Florence's floods.
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