A complete step-by-step course to become a GameDeveloper

A complete step-by-step course to become a GameDeveloper

Title: Udemy – A complete step-by-step course to become a GameDeveloper

The ultimate course to get started with game development, teaching everything needed to become a confident game dev.

What you'll learn
Through this course, you will learn to utilize the Unity Game Engine and the powerful C# scripting language to develop amazing and polished games.
This course requires no past experience with Game development, Unity or programming experience. All contents of the course are thoroughly explained with detail.
Through this course, students will create two different games from scratch (a 2D and a 3D) that explore various aspects and features of game development.
The skills learned through the course are highly transferable, setting the foundations to allow learning other aspects of game development with more ease
By the end of the course you will be able to develop your own games through the unity game engine and write code with C# scripting language.
The course highlights important aspects of game development and provide different methods of creating unique and enjoyable games.
Students will have the chance to explore a vast amount of features that unity and C# offers that they will implement in their own games.
Learners are encouraged to implement games whilst learning and adding their own personal touch designs, which can be later added be added to their portfolio
The material starts from the fundamentals of game development and gradually build up to more advanced techniques and features.
Through the duration of the course, various industrial tools will be covered to prepare students for industrial employment

The course requires no past experience and allows students of all background knowledge to start learning.
A PC that is able to run the latest version of Unity (2022.1.4f1).
A passion for games.

This course focuses on teaching the fundamentals of game development using the Unity game engine and the programming language C# with the ultimate goal of allowing students to confidently develop out of this world games. No previous experience is needed for taking this course. Lectures are structured to start from the very basics of game development and slowly build up to more advanced and complicated features to enable a more complete understanding of game development. Lectures cover everything in detail, using multiple examples and references to official documentation to ensure students understand and comprehend the material shown. The course focuses on teaching essential theories and practises for game development as well as a variety of Unity's features and ways to utilize them in C# scripts to provide students with a wider range of tools to ensure that they are well equipped to develop their own games. The material of the course start off with the fundamentals of game development, unity, and C#, and slowly building up to more challenging tasks that students will be able to complete by the end of the course.Skills taught in lectures are highly transferable and can be applied to other game engines, other programming languages, or even other areas outside of game development that require programming.As a vehicle for teaching, students will be development two different games (a 2D and 3D) of their own that will be guided by lectures and can apply the skills learnt to their own projects. The course is structured in way to encourage involvement from students in order to get comfortable with using C# and Unity.A discord server is in place which attempts to unite game developers together and enable students to meet like-minded people to create game development teams, create friendships, and also ask questions and get support for their development journey.
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