Build a platformer in Unity

Build a platformer in Unity

Download video course by Udemy - Build a platformer in Unity. Do you want to build games, apps and more? Do you need to build your career?

What you'll learn
Learn fundamental programming topics
How to debug a Unity Project
Learn visual coding with Unity Visual Scripting
Build a Unity game from Scratch

No prior game development experience necessary

Do you want to build games, apps and more? Do you need to build your career? This course bundle is for you. In short, beginners, coding enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, video game fans - everyone is welcome to this introductory bundle.

Stop dreaming and start building! No game development, programming or machine learning experience needed - We'll teach you everything you need to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a certificate?

Each certificate in this bundle is only awarded after you have completed every lecture of the course.

Many of our students post their Mammoth Interactive certifications on LinkedIn. Not only that, but you will have projects to show employers on top of the certification.

Is this an eBook or videos?

The majority of this course bundle will be video tutorials (screencasts of practical coding projects step by step.) We will also have several PDFs and all source code.

Can't I just learn via Google or YouTube?

This bundle is much more streamlined and efficient than learning via Google or YouTube. We have curated a massive 5-course curriculum to take you from absolute beginner to starting a high-paying career.

How will I practice to ensure I'm learning?

With each section there will be a project, so if you can build the project along with us you are succeeding. There is also a challenge at the end of each section that you can take on to add more features to the project and advance the project in your own time.

Who this course is for
Beginners interested in Game development
Anyone who wants to learn about Unity from the Basics
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