Computer Graphics(Using Unity)

Computer Graphics(Using Unity)

Learn basic of computer graphics

What you'll learn
Familiar with basic graphics algorithms
How do vertex shaders and fragment shaders work
Three-dimensional transformation
Two-dimensional transformation
Familiar with Orthogonal projection and perspective projection

Basic algebra, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and quadratic equations. Familiar with basic unity operations and C#

Course Code by Unity2020.3.23f1(LTS)

Hello, everyone. This course is about basic computer graphics, such as basic graphics algorithms, two-dimensional transformations,3D transformations, as well as the important orthogonal and perspective projections.

I'll use Unity as a demonstration. This course requires you to be familiar with the basic operation of unity and C# language!

You need to be familiar with basic algebra, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, quadratic equations.

It would be nice to have some knowledge of trigonometry, linear algebra. But it's not necessary, and I'll do it in a couple of extra lectures when I use the math.

Some of graphics knowledge is abstract, so we'll write some visual examples in Unity to help you understand it.And there will be some math examples to help understand the math to use!And I'll provide examples of projects in full videos,So if you're having trouble writing code, you can look at the project and see what went wrong

In some of the more complex algorithms, I use some additional visualization tools,Tools like Excel to show how variables change, Geogebra to understand math, can help us visualize abstract things,Deepen our understanding of knowledge.

I'm going to start with the basic, easy algorithms, and then I'm going to start with the more difficult ones,for mathematics, the arrangement of this course is to arrange several extra classes to learn the corresponding mathematics knowledge when it is used. It's easier to apply the math you've learned here as soon as you're done

Who this course is for
People who are interested in graphics, who are going to learn Shader, or who are going to learn graphics libraries like OpengL, DirectX, etc
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