Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2024

Unity Asset Bundle 1 May 2024

116 files | .unitypackage | 43.1 GB total

Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on May 1, 2024.


1980 - MidPoly Retro Rooms (ChildRoomUpdate2021 - Part III) v1.1
2D Fantasy sprite bundle
2D Icons - Space Rank 1.0
2D Pixel Unit Maker - SPUM
2D Top Down Forest World Tileset v1.5
2D TopDown Tilesets Fantasy Dreamland v5.1.0
2D TopDown Tilesets Fantasy Dreamland
3D Characters - Casual Character v1.0.4
3D Showroom Level Kit Vol 1 v1.7
6 Toon Zombies v1.0
Agents Navigation
Almost a Hero - Idle RPG v1.0
Amplify Impostors
Animated 2d Hell Platformer Game Ready Environments Asset v1.0
Anime Girls Pack 1.0
Archero Unity Source code v1.0
Bakery - GPU Lightmapper vv1.96
Beautify 3 - Advanced Post Processing
Berries Loot Vector RPG Icon Pack
Break It - full mobile game v1.1
Build Report Tool v3.11.4
Career Rush 3D v1.0
Cartoon Characters - Mega Pack v1.0
Cartoon City with Toon Shader 2.0 v1.0
Characters 2 01 1.0
Characters 5 02 v1.0
Christmas Environment Pack v1.0
COZY Stylized Weather 3
Crest Water System URP Ocean Rivers Lakes
Cursed Land Objects Pixel Art for RPG Game
Cyberpunk Armor Icon Game Asset Pixel Pack
Dark Fantasy Kit v1.4.2
EasyRoads3D Demo Project v2.3f1
EasyRoads3D Pro v3
Editor Console Pro v3.974
Enviro 3 - Sky and Weather
EPIC Fantasy Town 1.0
EPIC Fantasy Village 1.0
Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2024 1.37
Fantastic City Generator v3.1.2
Fantasy RPG Loot Icons 512×512
Fantasy RPG Spell Pack 3 v1.0
Fidget DIY Pop Toys Maker 3D v1.0
FSR 3 - Upscaling for Unity v1.5.1
Fully Animated Cats v2.1
Get Lucky Beauty Runner 3D v1.0
Hero Rescue 2 Trending Puzzle Game v1.0
Hero Stickman 2D v1.0
Highlight Plus - All in One Outline Selection Effects
KUBIKOS - Animated Cube Mini BIRDS v1.0
KUBIKOS - Cube Monsters v1.0
Legs Animator
Line Worker v1.0
Long Neck Run 3D v1.0
Low poly characters 2 01 v1.0
Mad Hill Racing v1.0
Magica Cloth 2
Map Graph
Medieval Lowpoly City with Toon Shader v1.0
Megapoly.Art - Mechanic Shop Pack 1.0
MeshFusion Pro Ultimate Optimization Tool v1.1.0
Metropia - Sci-Fi City v1.0
Mimic Chibi Character Sprites
Mobile Tools v20 Example Game
Modular Fantasy Stylized Human Female
NWH Vehicle Physics 2 v11.25f2
Old school cafe v1.0
Pet Doctor Template Editor v1.4
Physics Character Controller
Pixel Heroes Editor v2.2
PIXELGON Muscle Cars Pack - Low Poly Pixel Art 3D v1.0
POLYGON - Enchanted Forest - Nature Biome v1.01
Polyverse Skies Low Poly Skybox Shaders
Prefab World Builder
ProtoSprite Rapid 2D Art
Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools
Realistic Car Controller
Rope-Man Run 3D v1.0
RPG Berry Game Icons 512×512
RPG Monster Hand Game Icons
RPG VFX Bundle
Runtime Asset Database
Sci-Fi Arsenal
Sci-Fi Bundle with Toon Shader v1.0
Sci-Fi Characters Astronauts Ranger and Punk v1.0
Script Inspector 3
Soap - ScriptableObject Architecture Pattern v2.7.0
Space Combat Kit
Stick Guys Defense v1.0
Stylized Wizard Room v1.0
Toon Military Characters v1.0
Total Music Collection
Transitions Plus
Trickshot Arena - Football game kit v1.3
True Shadow - UI Soft Shadow and Glow
Truth Find Runner 3D v1.0
UHFPS - Ultimate Horror FPS KIT v1.2
UI SFX Mega Pack v1.0.0
Unified Settings Game Options UI
URP - Wet Shaders Flood and Rainy Puddles v2020.4
URP - Wet Shaders Flood and Rainy Puddles v2022.3
VFX Graph - Ground Slash - Vol. 1 v1.0
VFX Graph - Stylized Slashes - Vol. 1 v1.0
VFX Library Nature Particle Effects Pack v2.2.0
vHierarchy 2
Village Extended Pack v1.0
Weapon Achievement Vector RPG Icons
Wild West Characters v1.0
Zodiac Runner 3D v1.2
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