Unity Asset Bundle 2 May 2024

Unity Asset Bundle 2 May 2024

115 files | .unitypackage | 63.0 GB total

Attention! All files without the specified version number have the last update on May 18, 2024.


2DDL Pro 2D Dynamic Lights and Shadows v1.4.19
Advanced Foliage Pack 20
Advanced Rock Pack 20
Advanced Vertical Fog Height Fog Shader for Mobile Desktop and VR v1.2
Adventure Creator v1.80.5
Agility Pack for Opsive Character Controllers v2.0.1
AiFy - Text To Image
Air Guns v1.0
Amplify Shader Pack
Archimatix Pro
Autumn Valley - Level
Better Editor 2 Pack - Your Future Editor Today
Blaze AI Engine
Bomber Bug - Bonus Files 1 - Concept Art v1.0
Bomber Bug - Bonus Files 2 - Atavism Files v1.0
Bomber Bug - Bonus Files 3 - Music v1.0
Bomber Bug - Explosive Insect Monster - Fantasy RPG v4.2
Bowling Alley Environment v1.0
Chat GPT For Games - AI Integration
City Builder Urban
City Girl Character Sprite Sheets Pixel Art
Components for HORROR FPS KIT
Control Freak 2 - Touch Input Made Easy
Creature Game Series - Creatures Vol 1 v1.1
Crest Water System URP Ocean Rivers Lakes
CyberPunk Laboratory Research Center Interior Kitbash v2.0
Dahlia Hart Stylized Casual Character v3.0
Dissolve Effect Pack For Unity 202016f1 HDRP or Higher v1.0
Dragon Egg Loot Vector Icons
EasyRoads3D Pro v3
Enviro 3 - Sky and Weather
Fire Smoke - Dynamic Nature
Flying Eye - Bonus Files 1 - Concept Art Animation Rig v1.0
Flying Eye - Bonus Files 2 - Atavism Files v1.0
Flying Eye - Bonus Files 3 - Music v1.0
Flying Eye Character Pack - Fantasy RPG v4.2
ForceField Effects v1.4
Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature
Gelatinous Cube & Sphere - Bonus Files 1 - Concept Art v1.0
Gelatinous Cube & Sphere - Bonus Files 2 - Atavism v1.0
Gelatinous Cube & Sphere - Bonus Files 3 - Music v1.0
Gelatinous Cube & Sphere Pack PBR - Fantasy RPG v4.2
Ghost Knight Chibi Character Sprites
Girl Knight Chibi Character Sprites
Gladiator Sprite Sheets Pixel Art Set
GPU Instancer - Crowd Animations v1.1.6
GPU Instancer v1.8.1
Highlight Plus 2D v3.5.2
Horror Bundle - Sound Effects v2.0
Hot Reload Edit Code Without Compiling v1.12.8
Ice World
IKARUS Game View Controller v1.3
Inventory Plus - Customizable Inventory System
Jelly Merge Template Editor v1.3.2
Landscape Ground Pack 2
Landscape Ground Pack
Magic aura skill VFX v1.0
Magica Cloth 2
Magio Pro - Interactive Effect Engine - URP HDRP v1.0.9
Map Graph
Meadow Environment - Dynamic Nature
Mech Combat Kit
Mesh Smoother - Mesh Edge Normal Editor Mesh Modifier
Mobile FPS Game Environment Assets ice world map v1.0
Mobile Tools v20 Example Game
Modular Stylized Character
Monster Creature 1 - Bonus Files 1 v1.0
Monster Creature 1 - Bonus Files 2 v1.0
Monster Creature 1 - Fantasy RPG v4.2
Monster Creature 2 - Bonus Files 1 v1.0
Monster Creature 2 - Fantasy RPG v4.2
Mountain Environment - Dynamic Nature
Mountain Trees - Dynamic Nature
Nova v2.0.1
npc_casual_set_01 v1.01
Office Mega Kit 1.0
OmniShade PBR - Physically Based Uber Shader
PBR Graveyard and Nature Set 20
PhysKit Ballistics
Pixel Art Platformer - Dungeon
Pixel Heroes Fantasy Editor v2.7
Polyverse Skies Low Poly Skybox Shaders
Post Apocalyptic Fortress v1.2
Prefab World Builder
ProtoSprite Rapid 2D Art
Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools
RAM 2019 - River Auto Material 2019
River Valley - Level
Sci-Fi Neon Props Pack 2 v1.0
Scorpion - Bonus Files 1 v1.0
Scorpion Character - Fantasy RPG v4.2
Seabed Pixel Art Top Down Tileset
Simple City Builder
Sky Master ULTIMATE Volumetric Skies Clouds Weather
Sky Studio - Dynamic Sky and Weather v2.8
Slime - Bonus Files 1 v1.0
Slime RPG Character Monster - Fantasy RPG v4.2
SoulLink Spawner
Space Combat Kit
Spruce Trees Pack v1.1
Stylized Modular Character (Female) v1.0
Stylized Modular Character (Male) v1.0
Transitions Plus
Translucent Image - Fast Blurred Background UI v4.4.1
True Shadow - UI Soft Shadow and Glow
UHFPS - Ultimate Horror FPS KIT v1.3.1
VertExmotion Pro v1.10.6
Wills Room Environment Dormitory Room Environment
Winter Ground Pack
World Streamer 2
Zibra Liquid v1.4.7
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