Platform Game Assets Ultimate v1.3.1

Platform Game Assets Ultimate

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Platform Game Assets Ultimate is a complete set of assets for your awesome game (platformer, endless runner, ...), including Tiles, Backgrounds, Characters (Fully animated), GUI, and much more.

⚖️ Features ⚖️

✔️ Mostly POT (Power of Two) textures, no more issues with memory performance, such as 128, 256, 512, ...

✔️ Complete Pack of GUI components, including buttons, panels, icons, ...

✔️ +50 Handcrafted Icons

✔️ Iconic Buttons available in 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue) & 3 styles (Normal, Hover, Click)

✔️ Grey Buttons are included for Custom styling

✔️ Fully Animated Characters (Idle, Run, Walk, ...)

✔️ All characters parts are available

✔️ Player is also included as white for custom styling or creating additional characters

✔️ Enemy Characters & Objects, such as Spike, Mace, ...

✔️ Items (Coin, Key ...) (More items will be added in future updates)

✔️ Seasonal Terrain & Backgrounds

✔️ Over +300 Tiles in 3 Seasons (Spring, Autumn, Winter) & in 2 Styles with 2.5D & 2D forms

✔️ Seasonal Terrain and Background Transitions, such as Spring to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, ...

✔️ Repeatable Backgrounds (Also can be connected to each other)

✔️ All background elements and details are available

✔️ Chest with open up animation

✔️ Water Animation

✔️ Source Files included (AI, EPS, and Dragonbones project files for Skeletal Animation)

✔️ Frequent Updates, more & much more is coming ...

Asset version: 1.3.1
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