Winter Ground Pack v2

Winter Ground Pack

Download Unity Asset – Winter Ground Pack (Latest version 2022)

In this textures pack, you will find ground textures, that are perfect for unity terrain shader or any other. All textures contain heightmaps for advanced tessellation or parallax shading, so you will get a better effect if you need it. Maskmaps with: metallic, ambient occlusion, height, and smoothness textures give proper results in PBR render. In the winter ground pack, you will find textures such as mud, snow, rocks, stones, dirty ground, grass, path, road, and dirty snow. Soon we will add more. Textures look good even with lower resolution.

Pack also contains 5 example terrains with lighting and own scenes.

Tiled textures (66 textures in 2048x2048):

17 diffuse maps with specular in alpha channel
16 normal maps
16 height maps
17 maskmaps maps (MT_AO_H_SM)

Terrain example scenes:

5 scenes
5 terrains
5 heightmaps

Asset version: 2
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