RPG Pixel Sprites - Mini Orcs v1.0

RPG Pixel Sprites - Mini Orcs

RPG Pixel Sprites – Mini Orcs – free download Unity asset.

A pack of 3 retro style, 2D, pixelated orc sprites. Ready to be dropped into any RPG or fantasy style game.
This pack includes the classic orc types:
- Orc
- Goblin
- Ogre

Each character has 8 animations:
- Attacking
- Casting/Throwing
- Cheering/Jumping
- Dying
- Hurt
- Idle
- Quick Attack
- Walking
Includes 3 example projectiles - Axe, Knife, and Club Also includes sprites for alternative attack animation Also includes a sample lightning spell prefab (as seen in the video).

Asset version: 1.0
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