2D Computer Sprites (Pixel Art) v1.0

2D Computer Sprites (Pixel Art)

2D Computer Sprites (Pixel Art) – download Unity asset.

This Package Contains Individual Sprites Which When Put Together Form A Keyboard, 2 Different Computer Mice and A Basic Computer Monitor. The Keyboard Sprites Alone Are Great For In Game Buttons/ UI.

All of the keyboard and mouse sprites are a light grey colour, allowing you to change the base colour of each sprite to match the theme of your game, or if you were to use the sprites as buttons it’ll allow you to change the base colour and the colour when the button is pressed/selected.

This is the same for the monitor sprite, computer light indicator sprite and the computer power button sprite.

The sprites are all 2D Pixel Art and have an old desktop style, similar to some computers from the early 2000’s.

A key element in any game is the user interface, these keyboard sprites and mouse sprites can be used to show the player which button they need to press in order to open a door, wield a weapon or manoeuvre through the menu system. (These can be implemented into any game created for PC)

The other computer sprites are just extras, these can be used as the players HUD the desktop icons can be used as menu buttons or information screens. (These sprites would be more suited for an office simulation style of game or a game where your character can interact with a computer)

Asset version: 1.0
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