Fantasy Hex Tiles + Decorations v2.6

Fantasy Hex Tiles + Decorations

Download Unity Asset – Fantasy Hex Tiles + Decorations – Latest 2022 version.

Well-packed 2D Hex tiles assets. Including buildings, decorations, animated characters, VFX, and other fancy stuff to create epic games.

Isometric fantasy-themed hex tile pack. Including decorations, buildings, environmental elements, animated characters, VFX, and much more. In addition to general biome tiles, the package includes transitional tiles (but only for a basic color) and edge tiles for both color options.

Please note that in version 2.5 we added character animation, which doubled the project size. In case you don't plan to use sprite animation in your project - we recommend deleting or deselecting it on import to reduce project size.

What is inside:

• ~1200 Hex tiles (including transition tiles for basic color)

• 700+ environmental decorations

• 27 isometric buildings + snowy option

• PSD files

• Prefabs and tile palettes for most sprites

• Demo scene

• Tileable roads

• Complex areas (we are working on improvements and updates)

- Dragon cave

- Spider forest

- Ghost town

• Edge tiles for seamless connection

• VFX: water shader, fog particles options

• Animated characters(Spine project + PSD files + sprite animation)

- Knight(4 colors)

- Archer(4 colors)

- Dryad(4 colors)

- Demon(4 colors)

- Ice Golem

- Werewolf

• Bridge options for all directions

• Basic UI elements (buttons, panels, bar, slider)

Asset version: 2.6
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