Gothic UI v1.3

Gothic UI

Download Unity Asset – Gothic UI (Latest version 2022).

All elements are handpainted and perfect fit for Dark style games.This set was developed for PRG, Action, Moba games, It includes all the basic elements for the game interface in this genre, such as: menu, hp/mana/energy bars, inventory, buttons and e.t.c.

- 3 backgrounds Artwork (3840x2160)
- 225 PNG Parts (1024x...x16)
- 1 hero art PNG (2048x2048)
- 12 textures for ampul (1024x1024)
- One PNG file for all UI (3840x2160)

36 Prefabs
- 2 Ampul: left, right;
- MOBA HP bar;
- Top bar day-night.
- 26 buttons
- 6 loading, scroll bar, hp bar etc.

Asset version: 1.3
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