Surface Library v2.1

Surface Library

Unity Asset Store – Surface Library.

A pack of photorealistic materials for Unity. These materials were made from real-world photos of the surface and carefully made into materials.
This package currently has 16 materials, however, will grow to a minimum of 50 materials in the future, if supported this package could reach 100+ materials. When more materials are added this package's price will grow, so buy while it is cheap! The final price will be $1 for every 3 materials.
Old assets in the pack are 2k and contain A,N,S channels. However, all new additions to the library include 4k A,AO,S,H channels.

1. How do I know the quality of these materials?
1a. Check out the screenshots!:
2. Can I use these assets in commercial projects?
2a. Of course, you bought it!
3. Can I use these textures and materials in HDRP or LWRP?
3.a I don't directly support it, however, you can use the material upgrade tool (in the Render Pipelines) to upgrade the materials

Asset version: 2.1
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