Modern Interiors RPG Tileset

Modern Interiors RPG Tileset

This huge asset will provide you with everything you need for your interior areas

easily match many interior designs, such as:
living room, waiting room, reception, bathroom, bedroom and kid bedroom, classroom, library, music store, private and public gym, art atelier, fishing shop, halloween party, witch house, kitchen, conference/lecture hall, basement, man-cave, Christmas, grocery store, bakery, butcher's shop, fish shop, plant shop, flower shop, jail, infirmary, control room, canteen, hospital, morgue, japanese house, clothing store, museum, ice-cream shop, TV studio, condominium

Some of the Features:

- Crisp minimal RPG style
- One of a kind asset (no poorly made zelda/pokémon rip-off here)
- Thousands of furniture with different versions and styles
- 2D and 3D walls
- 100+ frame by frame made animated objects (.gif and spritesheets supplied)
- Modular tiles for walls, floor, carpets, tables etc.

- Character generator system: create countless characters piece by piece (100+ outfits, 200 hairstyles, 80 accessories and 9 skin colors available) with tons of animations available (idle, run, gift, shoot, punch, pick up, read a book, lift, throw)
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