Download 3D models assets for creating Unity games

As you know, the creation of many modern games on the engine Unity begins with the modeling and selection of necessary 3D models - these are landscapes and objects of game levels, character models, weapons and other items. But what if you have a small team of developers or are you an indie individual developer of game projects, and you do not have the skills and capabilities of 3D modeling necessary items for your future game? Do not despair - just for such cases, there is a huge database of ready-to-use Unity 3D models that you can download for free on the site!

For the convenience of finding the required 3D assets, this general category with models contains the following sections:

  • Characters: 3D models of animals, monsters, people, humanoids, robots, animated and other game characters.
  • Environment: fantasy castles, modern and industrial buildings, historic places, landscapes, interiors, racing tracks, sci-fi, urban and miscellaneous 3D environments for creating game locations.
  • Props: objects of exteriors and interiors, clothing, electronics, food, furniture, industrial items, tools, weapons (fire, cold and heavy), other 3D models of items for Unity games.
  • Vegetation: Relive your levels - trees, bushes, grass, flowers, models of SpeedTree, etc.
  • Technique: air, sea and land transport, ships, airplanes, cars, military and space technology, sci-fi transport, etc.

As a rule, all 3d models that you download come with a ready set of textures and customized materials for the Unity engine - mobile or desktop. Many models are specially made for use in mobile games and applications, they have a well-optimized mesh and a low number of polygons, as well as special, fast shaders.

In this section, you can find both single objects for use in their Unity projects, and sets of items and entire game levels. All assets are delivered in the standard .unitypackage format and can be easily imported into your game.