Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series v1.0

Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series

Download Unity Asset – Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series (Latest version, $160 USD)

Cute Series Monsters come with 3 different evolutions. 'Evolution 1' is the least evolved ( weaker) and 'Evolution 3' is the most evolved ( Most powerful). Use it to show progression!

Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute series

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This pack has 24 characters. All character’s texture size is 2048 x 2048 ( set to 512 or below in Unity). File format is in PNG/PSD. Characters are using 1 diffuse map or 1 diffuse + 1 emission map. Unity’s standard shader. Rigged & animated. Generic mecanim rig set up.

Evolution form 1:
1) Bud
2) Dragon Spark
3) Shell
4) Snakelet
5) Wolf Pup
6) Bomb
7) Sun Blossom
8) Practice Dummy

Evolution form 2:
1) Bloom
2) Dragon Fire
3) Snake
4) Snow Bomb
5) Spike
6) Wolf
7) Sunflower Fairy
8) Target Dummy

Evolution form 3:
1) Blossom
2) Dragon Inferno
3) Hermit King
4) Poison Bomb
5) Snake Naga
6) Sunflora Pixie
7) Training Dummy
8) Werewolf

Asset version: 1.0
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        Now I checked - all H4S links are downloaded with premium account. Where did you buy premium? From or a third party service?