Gargoyle v1.11


Gargoyle v1.11

Gargoyle could be a nice boss or a simply mob of your fantasy game. With a high end quality and all the stuff needed to make it live on your game. Includes customizable materials, custom shaders on unity4 and standard pbs on unity5 with all the basic animations included. Also there is a "playable" demo-scene using unity character controller. Also includes 2 weapons (hand axe & large axe)

Body: 3.6k tris
Large Axe: 602 tris
Short Goth Axe: 1.1k tris

Character includes a set of custom shaders for unity4 and standard pbs material son unity5.
. 6x Color / Albedo map
. Specular / metalness map
. Ambient occlusion
. Displacement map (DX11 tessellation)
. Cavity map
. Translucency map
. Painting mask
. Normal map
. Opacity mask

Character is fully rigged and animated with all the needed to make it work and includes 31 animations for legacy & mecanim with or without weapons:
. Idle unarmed
. Idle righthand weapon
. Stunned Idle
. Block Idle
. Get Damage 1
. Get Damage 2
. Attack 1
. Attack 2
. Attack 3
. Attack unarmed
. Die
. War Scream
. Walk cycle unarmed
. Walk cycle righthand weapon
. Walk forward unarmed
. Walk forward righthand weapon
. Run cycle unarmed
. Run cycle righthand weapon
. Run forward unarmed
. Run forward righthand weapon
. Trot cycle unarmed
. Trot cycle righthand weapon
. Trot forward unarmed
. Trot forward righthand weapon
. Jump cycle unarmed
. Jump cycle righthand weapon
. Jump pose
. Fall unarmed
. Fall righthand weapon
. Fly idle unarmed
. Fly idle righthand weapon

Asset version: 1.11
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