Little Heroes Mega Pack v2.9

Little Heroes Mega Pack

Little Heroes Mega Pack

Version 2.5
- Fixed some blurred PNG textures caused by TGA to PNG conversion.
- 3 skin colors x 20 female long dress costumes
- 3 skin colors x 20 male short and long robe costumes
- 3 new customized characters
- Guitar and strumming animation

- From version 2.2 onward, new content will be added to Unity 5.5.1 package only. Unity 5.1.2 package is no longer supported and will be removed soon. Please use Unity 5.5.1 or higher.

- We will be adding more contents to this pack periodically. SO BUY NOW TO GET THE BEST PRICE because the price will increase as the pack grows BIGGER. If you like this pack, do check out

Asset version: 2.9
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    1. Thanks! great package :D
    2. Hello! You guy's don't have to, but I'm currently making a horror game that im gonna make free to the public and im almost done but i need these 3 asset packages and was wondering if you guys could upload them, I'm in no hurry so take your time :) here are the 3 links

      Link 1:

      Link 2:

      Link 3:

      Again im in no hurry, take your time fellas relaxed relaxed if you guys cant get them its perfectly fine, thank you!
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      hi admin update pls if you can