Sea Princess v1.2

Sea Princess

Sea Princess v1.2 - Unity asset

This package contains a whole character with basic animations to work both with different platforms (including 2 LOD models) so you can use it in mobile or in stronger platforms like pc.

. LOD 0: 8,8k tris
. LOD 1: 1,5k tris

Character includes the following maps:
. Color / Albedo map
. Opacity map
. Specular map
. Normal map
. Displace map
. Metalness map

All animations are mecanim ready and compatible with any humanoid character. There is only one avatar for all animations (SeaPrincess Avatar). The LOD version includes other avatar but the animations can use both. Animations included:
. Stand Idle
. Look around
. Combat Idle
. Idle to Combat
. Attack 1
. Attack 2
. Attack 3
. Attack Special (with jump)
. Get Damage 1
. Get Damage 2
. Walk Cycle
. Walk Forward
. Walk Combat Cycle
. Walk Combat Forward
. Run Cycle
. Run Cycle Forward
. Cover
. Fall Down
. Rise Up
. Jump
. Die

The asset includes a demoscene (the one you can see on the video-demo).

Asset version: 1.2
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