Undead Weaponmaster v1.2

Undead Weaponmaster

Undead Weaponmaster v1.2 - Unity Asset

[Undead Weaponmaster]
This package contains the mob character "Undead Weaponmaster". You will also find some different color textures in the package and, of course, the basic animations to make it live!

. Character + weapon: 2k tris

Character includes several texture maps that can be used both unity 4.x and unity 5.x
. 3x Color/Albedo map
. Occlusion map
. Normal map
. Metalness / Smoothness map
. Cavity map
. Specular map

Included 15 animations to make your model come to life. All animations works in mecanim humanoid.
. Idle Loop
. Walk Cycle
. Walk Weird
. Run Cycle
. Walk Forward
. Run Forward
. Look Around
. Stunned
. Attack 1
. Attack 2
. Attack 3
. Attack 2 Handed
. Get Damage 1
. Get Damage 2
. Die Quiet
. Die Hard

The package comes with a free stand demo-scene (wich is the same as in the webplayer) so you can test the character.

Asset version: 1.2
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