SurrounDead - Survival Game Assets v3.5.31

SurrounDead - Survival Game Assets

Download Unity Asset: SurrounDead - Survival Game Assets.

SurrounDead - Survival Game Assets (modular buildings with interiors) is an art pack with tons of assets gathered over the years by constantly providing free updates and expanding the post apocalyptic world.

With top down in mind and using a modular approach SurrounDead is the perfect pack to help you kickstart your survival/post apocalypse game.

This package contains over 800 fbx meshes (updated v3.5):

12 vehicles
20 vehicle parts
266 modular pieces for buildings(walls, pillars, beams, roofs, addons, doors, windows)
142 interior props
23 light props (lamps, lantern, light swiches, sockets)
29 fences and poles
26 barricades
71 props
10 resources (rope, branches, logs, metal scraps, wood planks, rocks)
192 street related assets (streets, sidewalks, power poles, props and many more)
70 nature props (trees, rocks, flowers, bushes)
2 weapons
389 textures (including variations, diffuse only up to 2048px .tga files)
BONUS - 80 icons

Asset version: 3.5.31
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    1. This is 3.3 not 3.4