Modular City Alley Pack v2.0.0

Modular City Alley Pack

Modular City Alley Pack – download Unity asset.

Built-in, URP and HDRP supported!

Screenshots from HDRP version.

Build detailed atmospheric city alleys and streets from modular wall and ground pieces. Populate the scene with several unique props.

Walls and ground prefabs will snap next to each other with included snap to grid tool, or use ProGrids to your advantage. Suitable for first and third person usage.

Main Features:

- Package contains over 350 prefabs.

- Over 210 wall and floor pieces with swappable material possibilities.

- Over 120 unique props.

- Create walls and floors fast with snap to grid tool or use ProGrids. (ctrl + L to open snap options)

- Change wall and floor materials easily.

- Night example scene included.

- Day example scene included.

- HDRP and URP package included.

- Approximately 850k triangles in demo scene. (With disabled lights and no occlusion culling)

- Textures vary from 256 to 2k.

- BaseColor, MaskMap, Normal, Emissive, Height and Detail textures used.

HDRP & URP instructions:

1. Import package to your desired render pipeline project.

2. From HDRP or URP folder, import corresponding .unitypackage file to your project.

Asset version: 2.0.0
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