Game Template v3.2

Game Template

Game Template is an set of environment elements with 160~ unique prefabs elements to build your beautiful nice looking & visual appealing Games or Prototypes. In latest update we try to pay attention to optimized this asset with platforms like VR, Mobile & PC. Everything has been integrated with Unity 5.6 & new post processing stack.

What’s Inside:
▲ 160 unique easy to edit prefabs
▲ 7 example scenes
▲ Cool realistic water based on unity shaders
▲ 2 Color grading stacks for better visuals

Technical aspects:
▲ Each model got from 12-100 tris~
▲ Optimized for Mobile, VR & PC ready
▲ Learn how to achieve Light & Visual Effects from example scenes
▲ Easy to use & tweak

▲ Quickly create awesome looking Prototype or Final Games
▲ Prototype your VR & Mobile Games in seconds
▲ Constant updates and new features
▲ Easy to use for beginners and professionals

Asset version: 3.2
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