Toony Tiny RTS Set v1.4

Toony Tiny RTS Set

Toony Tiny RTS Set – download Unity asset

IMPORTANT: This pack will keep growing.

Cartoony Low Poly RTS Units pack.
Fully customizable and animated.
Mecanim ready.
Mobile Friendly

Models include:
-44 Bodies
-70 Heads
-7 Horse Models
-9 War Machine models
-75 Weapons, Shields and Equipment variations

-20 Builiding models
-Wall, Towers and Gate sections

-Customizable Banners

Around 120 Animations

One single 1024x1024 texture for all characters and weapons
One single 1024x1024 texture for all buildings
12 color skin textures

This package only contains graphic material (models, textures, materials and animations).
No scripts or controllers of any kind are included.

Asset version: 1.4
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