Fantasy Forest Environment v2.2

Fantasy Forest Environment

Download Unity Asset – Fantasy Forest Environment (Latest update 2022)

This pack contains over 120 prefabs you need to create stylized forest environment: from trees, bushes to rocks and mushrooms. All with beautiful hand painted textures and variants for summer, autumn and winter scenes.


➤ 23 tileable hand-painted terrain textures
➤ 12 tree models: 7 conifer trees, 2 deciduous and 3 birch trees with autumn and winter variations - total of 36 tree prefabs
➤13 terrain detail meshes like grass, bushes and flowers with vertex alpha for proper wind support
➤ 53 prop models such as mushrooms, rocks, fences, water plants, tent, campfire, bridge, waterfalls
➤ 7 particle effects: water splash, fire, falling leaves, dust, mist and snow
➤ custom tree shader with wind movement and indirect instancing support for Vegetation Studio Pro

URP 10.4 - Unity 2020.3
URP 8.2 - Unity 2020.1
URP 7.3, 7.5 - Unity 2019.4
Built-in Rendering - 2019.4 or newer

URP support via included conversion pack

Asset version: 2.2
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