Ultimate Medieval Constructor v2.0.0

Ultimate Medieval Constructor

Download Unity Asset – Ultimate Medieval Constructor (Latest version 2022)!

A large package containing many pieces for modular housing and modular castles. An environment asset made up of many different props for fast scene creation! As well as my featured Levels of Building!

***Major Update version 2.0 (2022 update)

- Added new PBR Cliffs, rocks, trees and bushes!

- 51 rocks and cliffs.

- 15 trees and bushes.

(These newly added Trees and bushes use my custom leaves shader, as seen in my Stylized Trees and Foliage pack. Please note that since these new trees use a custom shader, they will not convert to URP, without having my shader graph code found in that kit. Or you can use any other custom shader you own.)

- Major texture upgrade on many pre-existing textures, namely the wood and stone on most structures / props!

- New terrain textures.

- Multiple LODs included on new prefabs.

- LODs added to several previous prefabs.

Asset version: 2.0.0
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