3D Scifi Kit Vol 2 v2.0

3D Scifi Kit Vol 2

With 3D Scifi Kit Vol 2, you will able to create nice scifi interior or exterior levels for your games!

You need a level for a spaceship scene ? a moon base ? You can use it for topdown or FPS projects.

The kit is a large set of meshes pre-configured prefabs (with sounds/particles etc) you will find 185 meshes, and a set of more than 250 prefabs.

The kit has NOT been optimized for tablets but for pc and mac. (But i get good result on S7 Edge.. Take a look on the product video).

The atlased textures (13 Diffuse textures) are optimized and provided in 4096/4096 to keep a very good quality on pc and mac. The flat textures are provided, to help you to make your own.

This version is a full PBR Unity 5 version, diffuse, normal,ao,illum,flat, and metal maps are provided.

Creating rooms, corridors or exterior levels with the kit, is very easy! The example map has been made only with the kit prefabs, no lightning added, except the directional light.

The example map is provided with the pack. Check the mobile video description (on youtube) to download the application on the Google Store!

Asset version: 2.0
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