European Vegetation Pack Two v1.2

European Vegetation Pack Two

Download Unity Asset – European Vegetation Pack Two. This package contains a set of 85 highly detailed prefabs: trees, bushes, grass and flowers.

This package contains:

-9 BirchTrees

-13 OakForestTrees

-4 AspenTrees

-2 CurvedTrees

-2 OakTreeDryBig

-2 DryTreeSwampGroup

-16 Bushes

-2 SwampLily Pink&White

-3 Swamp Sedge Green

-3 marsh bulrush Green&Dry

-3 Ferns

-2 BurdockMarsh

-25 Grass&FlowersDetail

-4 RockForest

-9 GroundTextures

-5 GrassTextures

-2 RoadTextures

-2 SkyBox

-5 Demo Scenes

-4 post-processing profiles(for every demo scene)

Warning: Out of the box, Not compatible with SRP (HDRP,URP)

For the demoscene to work correctly, import assets into the project:

--------------------Standard Assets-----------------

-----DX11 Tessellation Displacement Free----

-------Post Processing Stack version 2.0------

recommend importing into a new project

3D With Extras (Preview)

Asset version: 1.2
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