Dark Fantasy Kit v1.4.2

Dark Fantasy Kit

Download Unity Asset – Dark Fantasy Kit is a unique, menacing, dark environment kit, which contains interior and exterior elements.

Perfect dressing for vampires, evil overlords, and dark elves.

The asset contains 550+ prefabs and supports modular workflow.


Unique style in a combination of gothic and Moroccan architecture.
Modular workflow with 550+ prefabs
Prop models with many color and style variants
Scripted doors, windows, and chests
3 Demo Scenes
Stained Glass Shader (built-in only)
Works with Built-In, URP, HDRP

Unique style for evil overlords

For evil overlords who gain their riches off the poor peasant’s sweat and blood, who display their authority and oppression in forms of not just military power or deadly magic, but with their environment.

550+ prefabs for modular workflow

214 architectural elements (walls, floors, stairs, pillars, arches, roofs, and beams).
43 furniture (chairs, beds, cupboards, desks, drawers, shelves). The drawers and doors are moveable and openable.
66 decorations (flags, carpets, curtains, tapestry, valance, tablecloth, paintings, and sculptures)
25 props (books)
89 containers (chests, crates, and vases)
52 different light sources (crystals, lamps, candles, and braziers)
10 doors, gates, and windows.

Demo Scenes:

We included three demo scenes which you can also test right now, before buying the asset: Download and try

Temple of the Scorpion God (FPS)
Evil Mastermind Manor (FPS)
Chamber of the Dark Overlord (Top-Down)

Manually tested in the following Unity Versions

2019 LTS, 2020 LTS, 2021.1.7f both in Built-In, URP, and HDRP

Note: Demo Scenes are created in Built-In. Lighting works differently in URP and HDRP.

Asset version: 1.4.2
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