Assets_classroom v1.0


Assets_classroom – download Unity asset.

Assets_classroom is able to create animation style classroom
Various obstacles, fine items are prepared.

It consists of 90 kinds of Prefab, and it is possible to create various classrooms.
Placing characters and taking pictures or using
I think that it is best for taking action scenes by combining the layout of a large space.

Time zone, situation Please be assured we also have different demo scenes.

□ Features
- Hand-drawn style texture
- Desks and Chairs by Structure (SS, S, M, L)
- Easy to assemble walls and pillars
- Obstacles such as blackboard, whiteboard, locker
- Items such as multiple textbooks, notes, bulletin board printing etc

□ Data structure
Demo scenes ····· 8
Prefabs ····· 90
Materials ····· 36 (Standard Material only)
Models (FBX) ... 85 Textures (PNG) ···· 31
PSD ······· 31
The texture is a png file format.
It is composed only of color for aiming animation style.
The resolution is 1024 x 1024, 512 x 512, 256 x 256, 64 x 64.

We also bundle PSD files so that you can draw letters and illustrations freely on blackboards, whiteboards and so on.

Prefabs has already created a collider.

We do not burn lights so as not to restrict usage.

Asset version: 1.0
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