Faces Expansion Pack Cute Series v1.0

Faces Expansion Pack Cute Series

Faces Expansion Pack Cute Series – free download Unity asset.

Cute Series 3D models are cute and easy to use. Monsters come with 3 different evolution. 'Evolution 1' is the least evolved ( weaker) and 'Evolution 3' is the most evolved ( Most powerful). Characters are modular and mecanim ready. Character's weapons and accessories can be shared among other Cute series character packs!

Cute Series Faces Expansion Pack

This pack is an expansion pack for Cute series modular character packs. It contains 16 male faces and 16 female faces(Total 170 face prefabs), 1 male hair + 1 female hair(New, only available in this pack) and 2 heads(for demo purpose only). Each face design comes with 5 color variations. You can attach these faces to Cute series character just like how you attach the free standard faces provided in Cute series character packs. See preview images for more info.

Texture size is 2048 x 2048 ( set to 256 in Unity) and file format is in PSD. Character's materials are using Unity standard shader.

Please see preview images and videos to know more about the content before purchasing.

The demo scenes in the package may require the following free plugins.
1) Post Processing Stack v2
You may import them into your project using Unity's package manager but note that the asset itself can work properly without the plugin.
3D files are in FBX in the package. Additional fee may be required for other file formats.

Asset version: 1.0
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