Low Poly Military Base v1.0

Low Poly Military Base

Low Poly Military Base – free download Unity asset.

A low poly asset pack for a complete military base, including vehicles, weapons, props, buildings and rigged characters. Includes a demo scene of a full military base.

Key Features

- Contains 116 prefabs to quickly create a full military scene. Optimized for performance using low poly counts and a shared color texture for reduced draw calls. Works with default, High Definition and Light Weight Render Pipeline.


- Containers, gas tanks, foundations, barracks, tents, hangar, watchtower, tilable wall set, tilable fence set


- Tanks, helicopters, boats, artillery, damaged tanks


- Machine gun, pistol, shotgun, bazooka, grenade

Rigged Characters

- General, 2x male soldiers, 2x female soldiers


- Explosive barrels, aiming targets, barriers, sandbags, boxes, wooden shelves, bunkbed, wooden crats


- Tilable paved roads set, tilable dirt roads set, tilable tracks in the sand


- Sandhills, grass, rocks, cliffs

NOTE: Animations shown in the trailer are not included but can be downloaded for free on Mixamo.

Asset version: 1.0
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