Spaceships (Built-In) v1.0

Spaceships (Built-In)

Spaceships (Built-In) – download Unity asset.

Populate the galaxies, planets and crowded skylines of all your Sci-Fi worlds with this kit! Whether you are creating space opera, cyberpunk, high-tech hard sci-fi or any other sci-fi subgenres, you can use this kit’s 10 pre-built spaceships or customize your own to create an entirely new spaceship with this kit’s ship bodies, fins, wings, gravity wheels, engines, thrusters, boosters, antennas and so much more!

-118 Assets
-160 Meshes
-11 PBR Materials
-35 Textures
-4096x4096 Texture Maps
-8.5m Polys

- Works in Unity 2019.3.13 and above.
- HDRP/Built-In versions are freely upgradeable to Unity customers.

Asset version: 1.0
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