Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base AUGMENTED v2.60

Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base AUGMENTED

Download Unity Asset – Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base AUGMENTED – Latest version 2022!

Not even scratched the surface... One would say: let the work speak instead. But is there even work to speak?

It is a series of modular artistic kits, and the pieces of one kit are compatible with another kit, within Sci-Fi Heavy Station series. AUGMENTED edition of Base & Hangars & Colony & Dugout shares 4 Purposes, 4 Interior Sizes (dugout "S", colony "M", base "X", hangars "XL") and 1655 Prefabs.

Customization options to configure the variety of level using Floor Fills, Stairs, Partitions, Partitions2, Pipelines, Top-Bottom and other for Your needs

Station with Exterior + Top Down

♫ Sounds ♫ + 🎮 C# Interactives 🎮 + 💫 C# Animations 💫 + ⌗ Modular Kits ⌗

Asset version: 2.60
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