Sci-Fi Displays v2.0

Sci-Fi Displays

Sci-Fi Displays – download Unity asset.

This asset contains a large collection of different Sci-Fi Displays for Builtin RP, HDRP and URP.

The individual parts of the displays (e.g. screws, pipes, glasses, mounts, cable, lights, ...) are separated, so you can decide which parts of the models you want to use. These high quality displays are perfect for desktops, consoles and high end mobile devices.


A large number of different display prefabs ready to use with Builtin RP, URP and HDRP.
Prefabs for individual parts for Builtin RP, URP and HDRP.
Prefabs for 45 degrees and 90 degrees ceiling mounts for big displays.
Procedural textures.
Materials for Builtin RP, URP and HDRP.
Demo scene for Builtin RP, URP and HDRP.
Custom PBR shader for URP to use detail textures, occlusion textures and metallic alpha smoothness in URP.
3D Models.
Continuous updates.

Asset version: 2.0
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