Realistic Meadow 2021 ・ Ground Vegetation v2021.0.1

Realistic Meadow 2021 ・ Ground Vegetation

Download Unity Asset – Realistic Meadow 2021 ・ Ground Vegetation – Latest version!

Create next-gen scenes with this collection of photo-scanned vegetation assets. Carefully crafted with great attention to detail and optimized for best performance.

A collection of photo-scanned grass, flowers, and weeds to create realistic meadow scenes. Scanned from real-life plants and manually created in 3D with attention to detail. All models have multiple LODs to show detailed vegetation up-close and high-performant vegetation in the distance.

Package Contents

This package contains 74 prefabs: 19 unique prefabs, each with 4 variants containing multiple scattered meshes. These scattered meshes are combined into a single mesh for best performance.

9x Grass
4x Flowers
5x Plants

Asset version: 2021.0.1
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