Transformer MonoWheel v1.3

Transformer MonoWheel

Transformer MonoWheel – download Unity asset.

Sintetus Inc. is offering the robot model, Transformer MonoWheel; a combat system designed to obliterate enemy infantry and light armor targets.

Transformer MonoWheel has high-speed movement and intensely fires lasers from two installations.


And thanks to a small number of polygons, you can safely use this military vehicle in mobile games as well.
Low-Poly: 1600 tris
All textures are 2048x2048 png

-Wheel movement
-Get damage 1
-Get damage 2
-Get damage 3
-Get damage 4
-Dead 1
-Dead 2
-Dead 3


The package also includes the scene which demonstrates the animation of the character.

Asset version: 1.3
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