Stylized Sci-Fi Builder Set v1.3

Stylized Sci-Fi Builder Set

Unity Asset Store – Stylized Sci-Fi Builder Set.

New Update:
There are now "NoGround" versions of all the walls/prop pieces, ideal for use with terrain and/or custom floors.

* Low poly, game ready 3D Sci-Fi set, ideal for mobile games.

* Everything shares a single 1024x1024 texture/material which is suitable for downscaling, highly optimized to reduce draw calls.

* There are 8 different coloured themes, including a VR theme (see screenshots).

* The package includes a sample level (check screenshots).

* By default, the pieces are perfectly suited for a top-down style game. But there are "ceiling prefabs" that can be used to create a first/third person style game too.

* Every piece works on a "grid system", where they can easily snap into position.
I recommend you to change your snap settings to make placing objects much quicker and easier. This can be found on the bottom of Unity's Edit menu.

Asset version: 1.3
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