Jungle - Tropical Vegetation v3.3

Jungle - Tropical Vegetation

Download Unity Asset – Jungle – Tropical Vegetation (Latest Version 2022! $50 USD)

Create a dense Jungle in no time! all assets are game-ready and work with popular tools in the Unity asset Store like The Vegetation Engine and Vegetation Studio.

A package focused on 3D vegetation using Unity Shader Graph

This package contains:

-2 sample scenes (HDRP)

-11 different plant species with 49 variations (11 materials for 3D plants and 8 materials for billboards)

-12 variations for climbing plants

-18 different tree variations (7 materials and 6 materials for billboards)

-Sample environment assets (Architecture, rocks, cliffs, textures, and more)

A total of 146 Assets

-The textures of the vegetation are 4K resolution

-2 special shaders to use with the vegetation (Graph included)

-1 sample shader to set moss on objects

-1 Shader to create puddles and basic water body

-2 manuals that explain how to import more vegetation and how to convert the shaders from HDRP to URP.

-All assets are optimized with LOD's

The main focus of this package is the vegetation, the models like architecture, rocks and terrain were made entirely to generate the demo scene.

Asset version: 3.3
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