POLYGON Ancient Empire - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty v1.0

POLYGON Ancient Empire - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

Download Unity Asset – POLYGON Ancient Empire – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty.

This Greek-Roman fusion asset pack is full of Buildings, Props, Weapons and Characters to start your Ancient World based game. Over 700 detailed prefabs in this pack.

◼ Key Features ◼

Building parts are compatible with POLYGON - Shops/ Horror Mansion/ Nighclubs.
Includes Monumental Island demo scene!
Modular buildings
Farmland area
(Character poses indicative only)

◼ Assets◼

Characters (x11)

Captain Male, Farmer Female, Farmer Male, Leader Male, Politician Male, Soldier Female, Soldier Male, Upperclass Female, Upperclass Male, Worker Female, Worker Male.

Character Attachments (x28)

Including Beards, Hairs, Helmets, Cape, and Crowns.

Buildings (x237)

Including a base set of building pieces plus: Amphitheatre, Balconies, Baths, Ceilings, Doors, Floors, Pillars, Railings, Trims, Trellises, Stairs, Alcoves, Walls, Windows, etc.

Props (x329)

Including Banners, Baskets, Braziers, Brackets, Carts, Flower Bed/Pots, Fountains, Goblets, Anvil, Grinding Wheel, Kiln, Forge, Ladder, Loom, Lyre, Marble Blocks and Rubble, Murals, Symbols, Pergola, Pillows, Plinths, Pots, Rugs, Sacks, Scrolls, Tools, Seats, Sensers, Shelves, Statues, Straw Stacks, Sundials, Tables, Torches, Racks, etc.

Environment (x128)

Including Background Islands, Bushes, Cobblestones, Crops, Fences, Flowers, Garden Plants, Grasses, Ivy/Vines, Lilies, Ocean Plane, Pebbles, Roads, Rock Cliffs, Straw Fields, Trees, Clouds, Grounds, etc.

FX (x9)

Candle Flame, Dust, Fire Large and Small, Fountain Pour, Grass Blowing, Incense, Leaves, Sun Beam.

Weapons (x15)

Including Axes, Scabbards, Shields, Spears, and Swords.

◼ Compatibility◼

Works in Unity 2019.4 and above
Support Universal Render Pipeline (URP) - URP Guide Here
Characters are setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)

Asset version: 1.0
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